“The Headband Follows Suit” Baker Mayfield

The National Football League Team The Cleveland Browns have an interesting character called Baker Mayfield, but let’s face it the League is full of characters and personalities. You must be a special character to willingly take to the field with other men who are trying to hit you as hard as humanly possible. Some use different mediums to make their presence known. We see it in interviews, we see it in their on-field celebrating, we can even see it in their headgear and I’m not talking about helmets , but headbands. A new kid on the block that has attracted the spotlight is Baker Mayfield.... we can confidently say he is embracing it !!!

The second year Cleveland Browns quarterback didn’t necessarily take the league by storm in his first season. Playing in 14 games (starting 13 of them) and going 6-7 in those starts. He threw for 3,725 yards with a respectable 27 TDs and 14 INTs, no Patrick Holmes by any means. Let’s think about this for a second though. The Cleveland Browns have been considered the laughing stock of the league for years now, their lack of team cohesiveness and just underwhelming gameplay has led to some dreadful seasons. The prior 3 years they went a combined 4-44 and that includes a 0-16 season, truly hard stuff to watch. For Mayfield to step in and show some promise for the troublesome group was a sight for the sore eyes of Cleveland.

Soon as Baker Mayfield took the reins of the offense last year we saw a different culture surrounding the team, insert plug for HBO’s 2018 filming of Hard Knocks here. Baker has brought his confidence in himself with him anywhere he’s been and nationally we started to see this while he was in college at Oklahoma University. As his notoriety grew and the Oklahoma Sooners jumped up the national rankings, we saw more and more of Mayfield and we notice one constant. He was always wearing his headband, this stood out too, because headbands aren’t necessarily known for their place in the sport. Maybe the only reason this was fascinating and noticeable was that he was such a high-profile player. The eventual Heisman winner became known for his huddle dancing at practice and his gun slinging style of play on the field. Quickly becoming a fan favorite in football community for style and demeanor.

The Baker Mayfield swag is now in full affect, this past offseason we saw Baker and the Cleveland Browns attract notable stars to their squad, Odell Beckham Jr and Kareem Hunt just to name two. In the early stages of the 2019 preseason camp we saw several players joining suit with Baker, rocking the team colored headbands. When it comes to American Football players, the wide headband has become more and more popular. It has become a great item for teams to add to their ever-growing merchandise list. I hope this year we see Baker take that large “canvas” on his head to express himself, even if it may be against NFL protocol. Mr. Roger Goodell can’t take the enjoyment from me on that one even if he tried.

baker mayfield headband