Yoga with a Headband

There are some great sports out there that can give you a wonderful workout wearing a headband: running, weightlifting, tennis, basketball, and many more. But have you ever considered adding yoga to your workout routine? Now, you may think that yoga is just for meditation and relaxation.

But yoga, in particular Hot Yoga, can be a stimulating workout that is thoroughly fulfilling for all you athletic types.

What's great about going to a hot yoga class is that you don't need too much equipment: a good yoga mat, a towel, some clothes you can sweat in, and a yoga headband to keep the sweat from running in your eyes. Now that you have the necessary equipment, you're ready for your hot yoga class.  

Hot Yoga is derived from a practice that was made popular by Bikram Chaudhry of India. In his style, he brought an intensity to the practice in a hot studio which was at least 100 degrees! He emphasized strict precision when his students practiced the required 26 postures in class. His intention was to help people with back problems, knee pain, arthritis, and more. People also came to the practice because it was an intense workout; it helped them get into better shape, and even lose a few pounds. 

In the hotter environment, the body's muscles are more pliable which makes them easier to move and stretch. In a hot yoga class, you become more limber and you can experience a greater range of motion. As your body warms up, you'll flow with ease and agility from one pose to the other. So, if you have tight muscles or are inflexible in different parts of your body, then you may enjoy the benefits of a hot yoga practice. 

And because it's hot, you'll be sweating quite a bit! Sweating can help with cleansing the body of toxins and unwanted chemicals. If you like intense workouts and don't mind high temperatures, then you'll probably enjoy a hot 90-minute yoga class. And due to the nature of the practice, it can also be a good way to enhance your cardiovascular system. You can experience similar results as if you went to the gym to do cardio on an elliptical machine or treadmill, but with less impact. And you will feel so good after taking a hot yoga class; it has a purifying nature that leaves you feeling radiant and energized. 

But be careful, hot yoga isn't for everybody. On the flip side, one can experience some dizziness or other stress-related responses like an increase in heart rate or fainting in a heated condition. If you're prone to this, you may want to stray away from this style of practice.

Be sure to bring some water and be properly hydrated before class, too. You'll be losing quite a bit of water from your body through high perspiration, so you'll want to re-hydrate after class, too.

So, if you're thinking about trying a hot yoga class, be aware of its benefits and its precautions. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes you can move and sweat in, bring your water bottle and towel, and of course, don't forget your yoga headband.



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