Sponsorship Initiative

Supporting the sporting community is important to Grand Headbands! If you are a sporting star share the benefits of our business.

We are offering ball players of all backgrounds and countries a chance to personalize their own range of headbands and share in the proceeds of all sales.

Here’s how this the offer will work.
Step 1. Share an image of yourself in action currently wearing a headband. (You must play a team sport such as Basketball, Soccer or Australian Rules Football in a high tier competition and be somewhat professional)
Step 2. Decide on a color and the style you like i.e. thin elastic or terry toweling for example
Step 3. We both create a design and promote it.
Step 4. You wear the headband while playing your sport and send the picture to us.
Step 5. We cover the manufacturing costs, and you get to share in the profits.
All you have to do is share your social media posts with us, including images, and we will do the rest.
Share your ideas. Get promoted. Earn some cash. What’s not to like?
Send in your ideas in today to enter the competition and get a chance to win your very own sports headband and share it with the world.
Please email us at grandheadbands@fastmail.com