Pre Wrap for Hair Headband

by Grand Headbands


Empower your active lifestyle with the ultimate hair companion: pre-wrap designed exclusively for the dynamic sportswoman.

Engineered to keep up with your high-intensity routines, this specialized pre-wrap is more than just a hair accessory – it's your secret to maintaining a focused, hassle-free performance.

Crafted with care, this pre-wrap is your defense against unruly flyaways and distracting tresses. Whether you're sprinting down the field, spiking the ball, or pushing your limits in the gym, this pre-wrap guarantees that your hair won't steal your spotlight.

Its ingenious tear-and-twist design ensures a secure fit without compromising comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort from traditional hairbands that tug and pull. With this pre-wrap, you'll experience a snug yet gentle hold that lets you concentrate solely on your game.

Adaptable and versatile, it's not just a hair solution – it's a game-changer. Seamlessly transition from the pitch to the pavement, using the same pre-wrap to provide relief and support where you need it most. Create knee and elbow straps that alleviate pressure on sensitive areas, giving you the freedom to push boundaries without hesitation.

More than a beauty aid, this pre-wrap is a symbol of your commitment to excellence. It's the detail that sets you apart, allowing you to perform at your peak while exuding confidence and style. Elevate your athletic journey with the innovation that empowers every sportswoman – pre-wrap that's as bold and determined as you are. 

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