Headbands in the AFL

Why do AFL players wear Headbands? This is mainly due to certain players looking for a solution that will keep their flowing locks out of the way during the intensity of AFL. There's nothing more frustrating than your hair getting in the way while going for a mark, kicking for goal or making a tackle. So, the headband provides players with a small and cost-effective piece of equipment.


The History of the AFL Headband

The headband in the AFL has a rich history with former legends of the game known for wearing them. Some of the more famous headband wearers in AFL history include the likes of Bruce Doull from the Carlton Blues, otherwise known as "The Flying Doormat," for his hairstyle. As well as Terry Wallace during his time at the Western Bulldogs. Doull opted for his team colors of navy blue and white during his career. Meanwhile, Wallace wore a distinctive band with the Bulldogs colors as well (red/white/blue).

Current AFL Players

In recent times, the AFL headband is still a popular piece of equipment with some of the brighter stars wearing them around the league. Such players as Jayden Hunt, Tom Stewart, Ben Brown, Darcy Moore are prime examples.

Jayden Hunt is arguably one of the fastest players in the AFL and he currently plays for the Melbourne Demons. He's a huge fan of the headband and he was obviously disappointed when the AFL banned his colorful headband in 2017. Hunt is a dashing player that can play in both the forward line and defense based on the Demons' needs.

Tom Stewart is another defender on the list of headband wearers and he's a key player for the Geelong Cats at the moment. He's becoming a fan favorite in Geelong with his superb kicking skills out of defense a feature of his game. In just his 2nd AFL season, Stewart's impressive form was rewarded with an All-Australian selection in 2018 and the AFLCA Young Player Award as well.

Ben Brown is a tall forward for the North Melbourne Kangaroos and is well known for possessing arguably one of the longest run ups in AFL history! Brown has given the Kangaroos a key forward target not seen since the days of Wayne Carey. He's already led the Kangaroos in goals scored from 2016 to 2018 and he finished 2nd in the Coleman Medal in 2018.

Darcy Moore has endured a tough start to his AFL career with a number of injury setbacks but in 2019, he looks to be playing his best footy at the Pies. Moore is dashing halfback type with the ability to play on tall forwards if needed. At the moment, he's rocking a headband with his long Blonde tinted hair.



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