Allan Saint-Maximin has a penchant for wearing a headband while playing football

Saint-Maximin's love for headbands

At the ripe old age of 22 Saint-Maximin wants to test himself in the Premier League and at Newcastle United , a club fighting to avoid relegation.

There’s one trait about the Frenchman that could be cause for talk in English football, regardless of how he performs at St. James' Park. He has something of a thing for wearing headbands - nothing wrong with that, right? Well, the former Nice man takes it to fthe next level.


Bringing Gucci to the Premier League!

To everybody's amusement, Saint-Maximin was seen wearing a $220 USD Gucci headband, which had to have the Gucci logo covered by tape, during several Ligue 1 appearances.

The 22-year-old has even requested that EA Sport include the headband on his FIFA character, and he was also snapped turning up to his Newcastle medical in a headband.

During his unveiling and recent pre-season debut , the forward opted for a different headband, but everything points toward him wearing the Gucci one in the Premier League at some point.

Headbands have made something of a return over the last couple of year, particularly in American sports, but soccer star Neymar also donned a Rafael Nadal-esque number against Angers.

Then, of course, there was the headband epidemic that swept the Premier League in 2010-11, prompting Sir Alex Ferguson to remark: "Real men don't wear things like that."

Let's just say we can't imagine Ferguson would have allowed Saint-Maximin to wear a Gucci headband if he played at Manchester United in the 1990s.

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Allan Saint-Maximin