Who is the best player in the NBA wearing a headband?

Is this the beginning of a new era of NBA headband wearers in basketball that features Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony and, at one point, LeBron James. Sporting his new headband Anthony Davis joins fellow teammate DeMarcus Cousins and 10x All-Star Carmelo Anthony as the league’s most talented players to wear the headband.

You cannot ignore that he is the BEST player currently in it. Coming off of a season in which he averaged 28.0 PPG, 11.8 RPG and 2.2 BPG it was already safe to say he the best player in the entire NBA. Now, with his membership into the “headband club”, it’s a no-brainer, he who wears a headband must be bloody good.

While Davis’ talent may not be in question in regards to his new club, the way he looks may be another story. When he took to social media, AD followed up the image with the question “Y’all rocking with the headband?”

It took little to no time before NBA players chimed in with their response to said question. Portland Trailblazers star point guard Damian Lillard responded with “No bra lol” while last seasons MVP Russell Westbrook said “No!!!!!”

Are they seriously not into AD’s new look, or are they scared that another “headbander” is about to wreak havoc on the league? Whatever the case may be, Davis is sticking with it until future notice.

Who takes the mantle of the best player wearing a headband in the Australian NBL to don the headband?

Anthony Davis Headband