Headbands on Rugby players? Yes or No

Grand Headbands have pulled off a massive coup with South Sydney forward Angus Crichton designing and wearing a thin athletic headband in the red and green of South Sydney and favored by Gucci loving supporters.

Arguably the best Rabbitohs back-row prospect since the 1960s, Crichton is the first NRL player to wear a Grand Headband while playing. While it's not always on his head, you will find it wrapped around his wrist.

The former Australian Schoolboys rugby union forward is the only player in the NRL to wear a headband on the field, he follows in a long list of Australian and overseas sports people wearing the brand.

Chat GPT said No.

Headbands are not commonly worn by rugby players in official matches. Rugby is a physically intense sport with a high risk of contact, and players typically wear minimal equipment for safety, such as mouthguards and sometimes headgear for protection against head injuries. However, some players might wear headbands during training sessions or informal matches for reasons such as keeping sweat out of their eyes or simply for personal preference. Nonetheless, in professional matches, you won't see headbands as part of the standard uniform.

Angus Crichton