Trinity Rodman carrying on the family headband tradition

Trinity Rodman is one of the most exciting young talents in world football right now. She's just 20 and playing at the most professional level in NWSL for Washington Spirit.

So far this year, the queen wearing the headband from Rodman's family has scored 4 goals and assisted twice for the Washington Spirit, and at the same time, she had firmly lodged herself within the USWNT set-up under Vlatko Andonovski.

Trinity's overall performance is just fantastic. In 2021 she initiated 42 chances across 25 appearances, which is a little over 1.6 chances per game. She has carried on at a similar rate this season, with 33 chances created through 18 games. These numbers aren’t what we want to focus on, though it’s her movement and her intelligence off the ball; that’s what sets her apart.

"She's an all-out competitor," Washington Spirit head coach Kris Wards says. "Her ability to withstand pressure and close contact with the opponent and her desire to push her team to succeed; Trinity is a game-changer. There hasn't been anyone like her before."

This headband football starlet has the wisdom and perspicuity of a player that you’d think had been in NWSL for quite a bit longer. Trinity Rodman's course and technique remind us of Mia Hamm in some modes—primarily her intellect and cleverness regarding the runs that she makes and when she makes them. More importantly, besides her attacking prowess, her work rate defensively is so impressive.

At the beginning of 2022, Adidas sponsored Trinity Rodman had accepted her first call-up for the USWNT training camp. A few weeks before her USWNT debut, Trinity signed a contract extension to become the highest-paid footballer in NWSL history. Her four-year deal reportedly is worth $1.2 million, including an annual base of

$281,000, surpassing Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe's $255,000. 

"It instantly raises the bar. It's just a glimpse into the future of this league. She certainly deserves every piece of it," Kris Ward says. 

Trinity Rodman's agility, movement, and ability to read the game are just exceptional. She nearly closes in like a freight train on a hapless defender, and then she steals away the ball. Yes, her swiftness, her potency, her vision, and so on are vitally crucial aspects of her play. But without her intelligence on the field, she wouldn’t be half the player she is now. 

She is the type of player that can feel out a game and moment, and she can create moments. This is one of the enterprising abilities of the best athletes in the world that can do this on their own. Among his youth coaches, Trinity Rodman was considered a force to be reckoned with in the squad and turned into this sort of phenom. 

We can’t sit idle and wait to see what’s in store for her and for the team. She could literally sliver the barriers internationally worldwide in time. That’s going to be really exciting and exhilarating to watch because we believe as she flourishes and thrives, she will become unstoppable. Literally, it’s all there. The wealth of potential is off the charts.

Trinity Rodman headband