lovro majer knows a goal and loves a headband

Over the decades, a long golden-haired (with a vivid headband) number ten in the renowned checkered shirt of Croatian colours musters up only one picture, and that's the picture of one and only Luka Modrić. 

However, in recent months another fella is initiating the dominion and is ready to deliver magic in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and moving forward to make the number ten his own. This fellow with the utmost potential is Lovro Majer, another man with a headband around his blond scalp. 

The left-footed midfielder has played most of his career in his native city, but his recent move to Ligue 1 club, Stade Rennais FC in 2021, has brought Majer some bright prospects. Since his debut for the French club, he has yielded some staggering performances; scored 8 goals, and bagged 12 assists in 55 matches. 

UEFA's Football Analyst described Majer's alacrity and enthusiasm in European competition by quoting, “He is an important cog in the Dinamo machine that performed so well in the group stage, Majer is technically proficient, fast and, agile with an eye for goal.” 

After glowing at the club level, Majer’s start in the Croatian team at the Qatar FWC 2022 remained productive. The 24 years old appeared in 7 matches and scored a goal against Canada in a 4-1 win for his home team. His playing style is highly admired in the football world and is called the new Luka Modric, while some considered him similar to Mesut Ozil. We all know that this clever youngster already had a perfect start for his long-haul career, and he has immense talent to showcase to the whole world. 

Lovro Majer’s key strengths are his crossing, set pieces, vision, and impressive technique. Although he is left-footed, he prefers drifting out to the right-hand side of the pitch, allowing him to either cut inside to play a pass or arrive into the box late if the ball is on the opposite flank. Majer is happy to put a shift in defensively and has an impressive work rate for a traditional number ten. All of his abilities and mastery were noticed in the recent mega event in Qatar and big football pundits had pitched bets about his bright future. 

It feels like Majer’s stint in Ligue 1 is coming to an end and he might be looking for a shift. Recent rumours have framed that Arsenal and Inter Milan are highly interested in this elite youngster and they want him to bolster their attacking strength. His next step is important, and getting plenty of minutes is still important, although his performance in the Ligue 1, Europa League group stages and World Cup suggests he’s ready to turn out for a team either aiming to win the competition outright or playing the Champions League. 

We all know that today's football is entirely loaded with diverse talents and stars. Glowing in this era and competing with the glowing ones is a hard task to do, but this Croatian left-footed lad has immense spark and hunger. And he has already embarked on this journey with high spirits and bagged himself with some extraordinary creativity and specialty.

lovro majer headband