Trevor Lawrence and the BIG GAME HEADBAND

A fitting headband. The King wears it like a crown atop his head as he goes into Louisiana for a date with the LSU Tigers!

In a thrilling comeback win in which the Clemson Tigers beat the Ohio State Buckeyes, Trevor Lawerence rushed for 107 yards and a touchdown. While throwing for over 200+ yards and 2 touchdowns.

A competitive edge of his? His signature headband. Clemson certainly believes in the headband hype as they have sold hundreds of thousands to the students attending Clemson University as shown on their official athlete wear homepage.

But who is this phenom? Why is he so special?

Trevor Lawerence is not only the starting quarterback of the defending national champions, he is also a world renowned icon. At 19 Lawrence along with his big game headband became the first true freshman to win a national title since 1985!

Let’s say for the sake of argument that winning a National Championship is not enough because football is a team game. Consider this, as a freshman Trevor Lawrence threw for 3,280 passing yards (Clemson record), 30 passing touchdowns (Clemson record), and had one of the highest passer ratings in the country at 157.6

The reason this matters is because as a sophomore, he’s only gotten more dangerous. 36 passing touchdowns, 3,341 passing yards (averaging 9.3 yards per completion, with a passer rating of 173.2! Also, this year? He’s averaging 5.5 yards per carry on the ground with 8 rushing tds, amongst the highest rushing touchdown totals by a QB this season.

Trevor Lawerence is not just returning to the National Championship game to defend his title, the big game headband is his crown! This is a man amongst boys that has the athletic ability, the look, and the swagger to be an icon not only in the NCAA but at the NFL as well.

After being handed the ACC player of the year honors ESPN, and Kirk Herbstreit specifically, described Trevor Lawerence as someone with the, “poise, speed, and touch of a modern day NFL quarterback” Clemson, Trevor Lawerence, and the big game headband are poised to submit their legacy on College Footballs grandest stage, The NCAA National Championship game.

If Trevor Lawerence were to succeed in retaining his title, he would be the first STARTING quarterback to do win a National Championship as a true freshman and a true sophomore since...ever (Jalen Hurts did it in 2017 and 2018 but he was benched during the 2018 run).

Ok, he has the athletic ability, the look, the headband, and the accolades to make him a superstar; It’s Clemson though, they are a powerhouse school, it must be coming easy.

Not a chance.

Trevor Lawerence led his team from down 16 points versus Ohio State, the only other person to do that in the playoff system era? NFL MVP candidate Deshaun Watson.

Trevor Lawerence has also put up these numbers despite undergoing multiple MRI tests this year, suggesting he is not at his most dangerous.

Trevor Lawerence might be a Clemson Tiger, but when he rolls into Louisiana for a date with LSU, you know the big game headband will sit atop his head like a crown; the lion, will be ready to go to work.


Trevor Lawrence and the BIG GAME HEADBAND