Her name might be Bronze, but her talent is pure Gold wearing a headband

She is one of the best female footballers in the World. Definitely the best defender in the today’s era. Her confidence on the ball and talent gave her managers unlimited options to play her in every outfield position possible. Unheard of in the modern game.

Doing all of this with a confident cool head, styling an innovative quality headband.

The 27-year old’s natural technical ability, sharp mindset and strong leadership would make her a first team choice in any line up in any team.

The English superstar got her senior debut for the national team in June 2013 and her consistent performances over the last 7 years has propelled her to be the face of the English game and even World dominance during the 2019 World Cup in France.

Throughout the course of her incredible rise through the women’s game her has won every domestic trophy in England. She then signed to French side Lyon in 2017 and won the Champions League in her debut season.

Susan Bronze was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed which is located by the North Sea just south of the Scottish border. Playing for a local boys’ football team until the age of twelve she was no longer allowed to play in mixed team from this age. Her coach at the time insisted to Lucy’s Mother to “find her a girls’ team because one day she would be playing for England.”

After playing for a team in Sunderland, she got offered a football scholarship with the University Of North Carolina. Once finished with her scholarship in the states she came back home to England and signed for Sunderland and then signing for Everton and then Liverpool. She won her first domestic senior silver wear when winning the English Championship which she done twice before she moved her talents to Manchester City.

With her confidence and experience blossoming, more trophies came her way. Signing with French side Lyon across the channel, Lucy Bronze filled up her trophy cabinet with a French Cup, two French Championships and the most coveted trophy in domestic football the Champions League. Not once, but twice.

Bronze dramatically improved her overall game in these last few years at the French club. Taking her time to not only train hard but to study the best players in the world. Find ways to evolve her passion play, technical aspects, increased mental drive and winning mentality to take her to the elite of women’s football.

Everything has grown and changed throughout Lucy Bronze’s career. The playing styles, the training methods and the clubs and trophies she has played for and won. But two things have stayed the same on the journey of glory for the young English superstar. And that is her clear discipline of her mind and the headband she continues to wear on the pitch.

Somethings in life don’t need to change, instead they are a symbol of where we came from and how hard we had to work to get where we are today.

Keep rocking’ your headband Lucy, it seems to give a little magical dust to add to your superpowers and success over this fantastic sporting career. We can’t wait to see what you achieve next.

Her name might be Bronze, but her talent is pure Gold wearing a headband