Sergio Ramos a heartthrob in a headband

Sergio Ramos is one of the biggest names in the footballing world. With over 450 caps for Real Madrid, 5 La Liga titles, 4 UEFA Champions Leagues and a world cup to his name, he is the most celebrated defender of all-time. He has been no less than a charm and a heartthrob of millions around the globe. Strong physique, long-hair, headband and a lust for success he is the real definition of football superstar.

But things were not like this from the beginning. There is a lot of sweat, pain and tears behind all this.

Born in Camas, Spain, Ramos had a thing for football from the very beginning. He started playing for his local club and then he emerged through the youth academy of Sevilla.

Seville was known for its bull-fighting craze and Ramos was no different than his people. He loved football but he liked bullfighting equally. But life had different plans for him.

Real Madrid were quick to spot the diamond and they secured his signatures back in 2005 despite the fact that they knew that he won’t be able to make his place immediately in the starting eleven of the star studded Real Madrid side. But it was a long-term investment and it turned out to be the most worthy investment in the club’s history.

First four years were quite difficult for him as he failed to settle into a permanent position and was often used as a defensive midfielder and a center-back. But he was a goal-scorer and scored 20 goals in first four seasons which helped him stand-out among the other defenders.

Ramos was quick to reflect into his weaknesses and he knew that it’s not an easy job to play for the biggest club of the world. He started gaining the momentum and achieved 21st spot in the European Player of the Year in 2008 and he also made a place in the UEFA Team of the year and the rest is history.

He went on to become the nightmare for all the attackers in the league which is known for its attack domination. He became the strongest pillar of the biggest club of the world and everybody learned not to get fooled by that innocent face, smile and that headband. He went on to take Real Madrid back to glory heights and he’s been equally rewarded by the club in return.

Talking about his international career he made his debut for Spain at the age of 18. He played 3 world cups for his country and he also won one for Spain. He scored 23 goals for Spain also won 2 UEFA European Championships in 2008 and 2012.

He is also Spain’s youngest player to ever reach 100 caps and he is also country’s most capped player and also eighth highest all-time goalscorer. And he achieved all that being a defender and also playing as a last stopper.

Ramos started dating journalist Pilar Rubio in 2012 and has four sons with her. The couple got engaged in 2018 and got married in Ramos’ hometown in Seville in 2019.

Ramos is currently a free-agent but we all know that Real Madrid is an addiction and it’s not easy for anyone to leave them.




Sergio Ramos in a headband