Sports Headband Press Release

Grand Headbands is a new company specialising in just sports headbands, providing attractive, high quality headbands for team sports, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This fall Grand Headbands announces its “Sporting Ambassador Program” on Facebook. 

Sydney - Headbands have become the hottest new sports accessory thanks to sports stars like LeBron James, David Beckham, or Rafael Nadal being seen wearing them on the court or field. The trend has trickled down from professional sports to gyms, playing fields, and streets all over the globe as more and more people adopt the craze. Grand Headbands is a purveyor of the type of top quality sports headbands seen on professional athletes. Their custom designs are made of the traditional terry toweling; thin stretch elastic and a variety of yoga headbands both stylish and functional. Recently the company came up with an idea asking basketball players in the USA and soccer players in the UK who currently wear headbands the opportunity to design their own headbands and share the proceeds of the sales. They’ve asked players to submit their details to the company with a short dossier on why they should be chosen and a picture of them wearing one. If they are selected the company will work with that person to design a style for production and share in those proceeds. 

“We thought it would be a nice way to encourage people to both wear headbands but also be a part of building a brand,” says company spokesperson Mike Tatlow. “We want to be a serious brand of headbands. We want to be that company that has a relationship with our clients, and by partnering with our clients we are creating something together that will be lasting and mutually beneficial.” 

The contest has already begun. Details of the program can be found on the company’s website at: 
Grand Headbands