How the Headband got its mojo back

The headband is making a comeback (or did it ever really go away?)!

Headbands have been instrumental in helping sports people on the field, in stadiums, when running and in gyms. I know why I started wearing one; because the sweat was running into my eyes and stinging and another friend wears a thin one while playing soccer so he doesn’t get blinded by his own hair.

A couple of thoughts: what did happen to the headband? Did it got lost in the cap craze when every man and his dog started wearing caps indoors, outdoors, running just about anywhere on everyone, and you can’t wear a headband under a cap.

Another reason is the mockery and parody that seems to come with wearing a headband. In the 80,s crazy-looking people wearing leotards and fluorescent colored headbands just made us all cringe.

How it’s made a comeback?

On the tennis court players are again wearing them because they do a job that is incredibly important to them; stop hair and sweat from going all over the place, plus these day they are a bit of a fashion accessory.

Every soccer player with long hair wears a thin elastic one and they all seem to have long hair these days.

It seems both men and women playing Australian Rules football are also wearing them. 

Basketball, well, I think if you look at any team in the NBA at least 2 or 3 players are wearing one.

Let’s not forgot about those who practice yoga they seem to be mandatory.

Runners are wearing them again, I know I wear one and when I run, I notice others do also.

Am I forgetting anyone? Yes, crossfit trainers, gym junkies, boxers, wrestlers, netballers, even volleyball players, I think if you play with a ball you can wear a headband!


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