Patrick Mahomes: The NFL’s Most Valuable Headband

Patrick Mahomes threw over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns for the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2018 NFL season. It was an astounding total for a player who watched from the sidelines the previous season.Did a headband make the difference?

The second-year quarterback was the league’s unanimous choice for Most Valuable Player following his incredible season. The curly haired, headband wearing signal caller led his team to the AFC Championship Game. Despite losing to the Super Bowl’s ultimate winners, the New England Patriots, Mahomes showed he will be one of the NFL’s leading quarterbacks for years to come.

Patrick Mahomes road to success

The quarterback started his NFL career in 2017. Drafted 10th overall in the NFL draft, Mahomes spent nearly his entire rookie season watching starting quarterback Alex Smith play. Mahomes played in just one game throwing for 284-yards and no touchdowns.

When Chiefs head coach Andy Reid okayed Smith’s trade to the Washington Redskins during the offseason, many couldn’t believe the veteran coach was about to turn the team’s offence over to Mahomes. But the young headband wearing signal caller excelled under centre. NFL viewers quickly found out why Reid was so eager to give the 23-year-old the starting quarterback position.

Patrick Mahomes all-around athlete

Mahomes’ powerful throwing arm and athletic skills were passed down to him by his father, Pat Mahomes. The older Mahomes played Major League Baseball for 12 years for a variety of teams. He also had a stop off in the Japanese Baseball League playing with the Nippon Giants for one season. Although he passed on his athletic abilities to his son, Mahomes Sr didn’t have the same headband wearing affection.

The NFL quarterback was a star youth athlete in every sport he played, including baseball, basketball, and of course, American football. Mahomes could have played professional baseball as he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2013. His father wanted him to quit football and play baseball; but Mahomes decided to pursue football. Growing up in the American football mad state of Texas, having an NFL career was always on Mahomes’ mind. He wasn’t a starting quarterback on his high school team until his junior year and showed few signs of being the elite player he would become. Eventually given the chance to start, Mahomes became a highly recruited player and went on to play at Texas Tech University.

Mahomes is a great example of a player that developed as he got older. He is one of the NFL’s stars and has a great future ahead of him. He also has a great look thanks to his signature headband.

Patrick Mahomes Headband