Jack Grealish - Richest Headband in Football

Jack Grealish has become the most expensive current headband wearer in world football, and the distinctive look has gained the Englishman a huge amount of popularity.

 In recent years, Jack Grealish has become a household name. The development of the Englishman has in-turn given him the recognition that football fans think he has deserved for a long time. In the summer transfer window, Jack Grealish and his headband relocated from his boyhood club, Aston Villa, to the sky-blue side of Manchester, Manchester City.

 Jack Grealish was Aston Villa’s main man for many years before his transfer to Manchester. The 26-year-old played a massive part in the club's promotion to the Premier League through the play-off final in 2019, beating Frank Lampard’s Derby County.

 The Englishman seemed to always be on the verge of leaving his boyhood club, with both Manchester clubs interested. The midfielder stayed at the club despite the speculation that surrounded him and the club, which seemed to be every transfer window. The Englishman seemed to squash all the speculation about him wanting a move away when he signed a massive new contract at Aston Villa, which gave Aston Villa fans a sense of reassurance after Jack committed to a new five-year contract, which seemed to be him stamping his future at the club.

 In the 2021 summer transfer window, despite the new contract the midfielder signed committing himself to the club for the next five years, speculation about the transfer of Jack Grealish intensified, with Manchester City heavily interested in the 26-year-old. After a long summer of negotiations, the two clubs agreed on a deal for Jack Grealish. The deal was agreed at £100 million, which makes him the most expensive Premier League signing and the most expensive English player ever.

 Pep Guardiola wanted the Englishman in Manchester, and he was his number one target in the transfer window. The Spaniard said, "But especially when I saw him on TV. I said this guy controls the tempo I love when he has the ball he stops before the dribble and the opponent stops as well. He controls the tempo when he accelerates and decelerates." This shows the standard that Jack Grealish has played at for many years and is recognized as having one of the biggest brains in football. The transfer to Manchester City of Jack Grealish, looked to be a very emotional one for both the fans and the player. Jack Grealish was at Aston Villa for nine years, but the Englishman wanted to play at a higher level, that being the Champions League. Before I left the hotel, I spoke to the team and the staff and the players, and I 'teared up' a little bit myself, but I felt it was time for me to move on. "I have always said I wanted to play Champions League football and I couldn't do that at Villa this year."

 Jack Grealish will now have a chance to display his unquestionable talent at the highest level for both club and country, and he will continue to do it in his headband for Manchester City!

Jack Grealish headband