Beth Mead’s power of the headband

Beth Mead is just absolutely astonishing when it comes to the beautiful game of football and occurs to be one of the most phenomenal athletes in the world. Playing currently for Arsenal and England, she has been one of the most prominent female figures in football winning the 2015 FA WSL golden boot as well as the PFA Player of the Year.

”I play my best football when I am angry”

Those are some nerve wrecking words aren’t they? Well from Beth Mead’s mouth they sound quite understandable because she has been most definitely on the top of her game for some time now. Her professional footballing journey kicked off in the league 2 games when playing for Sunderland. Beth Mead earned what she accomplished spending 5 years in the second division with her team until she finally helped them to promotion in the 2014 season by winning the championship finishing the league as the top scorer for Sunderland itself. The best part about Beth Mead as a character is her professionalism as whilst playing football she was also simultaneously completing her studies to the point where her consistency led us to a Beth Mead Scholarship program in 2022 for women of football.

At the start of the year 2017 she earned her well deserved move to Arsenal and showcased her remarkable abilities for one of the best teams in the WSL. This was where her positional revolution came into being, transitioning from playing centre forward all her career to moving to the wing that allowed her freedom in general to dribble past opponents and take them on which evolved the creative responsibility on her shoulders. Luckily her shoulders did a great job as did her headband in keeping her hair intact while Mead is running at staggering pace. By 2018 she had a couple of her individual accomplishments and honors to her name such as the England Young Player of the Year Award as well as a keen spot in the WSL Team of the year.

The breakthrough in performance followed in the season afterwards where she broke the all time WSL assist record by performing 12 assists to her team in a full season, the highest of any with 54 key passes and 96 shot creating actions, proving herself to be an immense creative outlet . The years followed but Mead never slowed down and with time she managed to brush the other names off her list and be declared the all time assist provider in the WSL history with 38 in total.

She is without a doubt an example of a football player and athlete that everyone has their eyes on which is why Arsenal secured her signatures over a long term contract. Beth Mead is 27 and is showing no signs of tiredness as she feels set to rule the WSL for many more years!


Beth Mead footballer