Black and White Triangle Yoga Headband

by Grand Headbands


Introducing our exclusive Black and White Triangle Yoga Headband, a limited-edition piece meticulously handmade for those who appreciate style and functionality without compromise.

Crafted without any labeling, it's a symbol of minimalism and authenticity.

Experience a new level of calmness as this headband gently hugs your head, offering unrivaled comfort during your yoga or gym sessions. With its effortlessly cool black and white triangle design, it adds a touch of sophistication to your workout ensemble.

Say goodbye to hair distractions and hello to uninterrupted focus. This headband is designed to keep your hair under control and out of your face, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your practice or training session.

Made from high-quality Lycra, it offers a perfect balance of stretch and durability, ensuring it stays in place without compromising on comfort.

Each order includes one headband, making it a strictly limited-edition piece that you won't find everywhere.

Let's band together and elevate our workout experience with the Black and White Triangle Yoga Headband. Plus, enjoy free delivery within Australia, and for our overseas customers, shipping is just $12 USD.


Free delivery within Australia and $12 USD for overseas orders


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