Yoga Headbands Make You Calmer!

One of the beautiful aspects of yoga is the simplicity. With a little bit of time, enough space, yoga can be practiced virtually anywhere. Besides the yoga mat, one key piece of equipment that shouldn’t be overlooked is the yoga headband.

Your asana practice should stimulate an imbalanced chakra, but this just isn’t possible when your hair is tickling your nose. You don’t want to be in the middle of downward facing dog and have your hair fall out of your top knot. What it boils down to is that yoga is about meditation, focus. Any distraction present keeps you from achieving your goals. The solution for this problem is a well-fitting yoga headband.

We’ve introduced a new line to our products, one that we hope Yogi’s and other enthusiasts will appreciate. Made from Lycra, Merino wool, or Bamboo, our headbands will keep you cool, and are highly absorbent. The wide design helps our headbands to stay in place (no slipping and sliding during the triangle pose!) and keep your hair out of your face. Our new line is designed with the needs of yoga practitioners in mind.

We are looking forward to seeing our new line in action, (check out the red and white one – it’s my favorite!) Please make sure to share your images with us. Whether you are on the track, on the field, or in the studio, we want to see you in action! Make sure to check out our sponsorship initiative! Tell us which of the new yoga headbands is your new favorite, and namaste.
spotty yoga headband