The flair or the headband of Dele Alli?

Dele Alli came onto the scene as a young and enthusiastic individual with a dash of swagger. Filled with talent, he introduced himself to the world in the 2015/16 season with 10 goals and 9 assists which happens to be an amazing feat for a 19-year-old boy who never failed to show off his technical ability and high IQ on the field.

“Well, I've seen some glorious goals scored in my time watching football matches but I doubt whether I will see a goal scored with such individual flair, and by a 19-year-old”

Alli was signed by Tottenham Hotspurs in the year of 2015 and was loaned back to MK Dons for the remainder of the season. He secured the 2015 Football League Award for the season’s best young player of the year and Spurs knew they that they hit the jackpot with the English lad. Alli then made his debut at the start of the 15/16 season and just two weeks later made his mark with a goal as a substitute against Leicester city, a game that ended 1-1.

That was the turning point and had soon earned his manager Mauricio Pochettino’s trust to start games regularly. By the 18th game of the league Dele Alli had established a total of 8 goals and assists as he played as a semi Raumdeuter (space interpreter). Alli would use his movement to pick goal scoring position and utilize Harry Kane’s dropping nature by making third man runs along with getting into the pockets of space to take shots off possible opportunities. He has also very ball-pro and had a fair load of creation, but his most remarkable technical trait was his first touch, Alli had specialized controlling the ball in an elegant fashion. Maybe he took inspiration from former Spurs player Dimitrov Berbatov? He did introduce it to the world when he scored a staggering volley vs Crystal Palace that left the league in awe. It also won Tottenham’s goal of the season award.

Alli’s career took a tough turn when Jose Mourinho took over the North London giants where the Portuguese called him lazy in the very few first meetings. However, the Englishman has started re-emerging under Ryan Mason and just so it happens, we have a new haircut that too with a headband!

“Dele is back” posted Serge Aurier on social media after the new hairstyle, all kept tight with a hairband to keep himself tucked while on the field. This new appearance of Deli Alli has ignited a lot of reaction from the media and the fans however we hope that it brings his old confidence back. Still 25 with a lot of time left in his career he has restored his swash with a black hairband on the field, by time he will be scoring goals again as he is a remarkable asset with a great many qualities useful to any manager in the world. If not, then he is attracted by local and foreign clubs as well given that he possesses the ability to upgrade most teams in the world.

 Dele Alli headband