Saquon Barkley and the Headband of a Game Changer

Saquon Barkley is the type of player that can make jaws drop when he is on the field.

At Penn State, the man often referred to as “Saquads” was often one touch away from taking it to the house.

As a four-star recruit out of Pennsylvania, he set the Penn State record for freshman rushing yards and quickly became a household name in college football.

We also got a glimpse of his big-game prowess, as he ran for 195 yards against Ohio State.

It’s safe to say, big games don’t scare him.

Maybe it is none of these things, perhaps his true power lies in his Signature headband.

Many of the New York Giants have bought into the headband style, but no one on the team wears it with as much swagger it as Saquon Barkley. It is perhaps this look that allows him to tear defenses to shreds the way that he does.

He is the type of talent that comes around once in a generation. Before the 2018 NFL Draft, he was described as a can’t miss prospect who could be a franchise cornerstone.

In his first NFL start against the Jacksonville Jaguars vaunted defense, he exploded for 106 yards, including a thundering 68-yard touchdown run.

Now of course, a great running back is often the beneficiary of an outstanding offensive line.

This has not always been the case for him as he has often had to fight to get back to the line of scrimmage. Not an easy feat when you’ve got two 320-pound defensive linemen ready to crush you as soon as you take the handoff.

The fact of the matter is, however, some of the most eye-popping plays that we’ve seen him make have come when he has had no room to work with.

En route to taking home Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, He put up over 1,300 yards rushing while averaging 5 yards per carry. As an added bonus, he even chipped in 91 receptions! This dominant performance was enough for him to hold off Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield for the award.

This past season was also strong, as he broke the 1,000-yard barrier once again.

After two years and nearly 3400 total yards, it’s a foregone conclusion that he is indeed a game-changer.

In other words, we can forget about the dreaded “sophomore slump” when it comes to him.

After a down team season, he is ready and eager to get back to work and cement his place among the elite running backs in football.

Life in the biggest media market in the world is sure to be hectic, but the young phenom takes it all in stride with his humble approach to the game.

He has the physical tools, the look and the personality to handle it all.

For him, it is not about personal accolades. His work ethic and attitude fuel his competitive nature.

At the end of the day, all he wants to do is win football games.

Saquon Barkley and the Headband of a Game Changer