Manchester City and England midfielder Jill Scott on her career and that headband

Jill Scott is an English midfielder who is known for getting the hardball and always wearing a headband. She is recognized for her gameplay, leadership and height. She can play both as an attacking and defensive midfielder and is probably the best midfielder of her era.

One of her most memorable games came in the 2009 World Cup semi-final against the Netherlands when she scored an incredible goal in the last minute when coming on as a substitute  for Jessica Clarke in the extra time.

Currently playing for English giant Manchester City she is well respected for her vision, sharp mind and playing flexibility making her one of the clubs most valuable players today.

In 2008 she was voted the FA Players' Player of the Year and 2011 the FA International Player of the Year . In being one of the best midfielders in the world is a tough job and moving the ball in play, forward and back, creating chances and scoring goals is what Jill does best according to her past coach Nick Cushing who had great confidence in Jills ability saying “she is one of the tallest female soccer players in the world with the greatest stamina to run fast and all day".

Playing History 

In 2006  Jill signed a contract with Everton Ladies in the FA Women’s Super League where she started to show her talent. She played at Everton for seven years making 114 appearances and scoring 21 goals. She did have an incredible career at Everton and helped spread the word about Women’s football being appointed a media ambassador to raise the profile of the Womens League. During her career at Everton, she won the FA Tesco Player of the Year Award for the 2007-08 season and won the FA Women’s Premier Leagues in 2008 and the FA Women’s Cup in 2010. In 2013 she left Everton for Manchester City to meet new challenges.

In her first season with Manchester City she scored five goals in 21 appearances and while not setting the world on fire it was good enough to justify the move. In the 2017- 2018 season proved it was worth the move where she peaked scoring 8 goals and made 4 assists. These stats were  brilliant for a midfielder in only 30 appearances for the club. Still from 2013 till today she has only netted the ball a further 27 times and her most recent goal came against Manchester United sealing the victory.  

International Career

Scott made her debut for England against Netherland in a 4-0 win in the 2007 World Cup. Her performance was admired by many and she wasn't in the starting eleven but after that match she was for every other game. She scored her first world cup goal against Argentina when England beat  Argentine 6-1.

Jills most famous International goal was against Netherlands in the 2009 semi-final of the UEFA European Championship when she scored in the last-minute sending England into final where they ended up losing to Germany.



Manchester City and England midfielder Jill Scott