2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Thin Elastic Headband Parade

If you are watching the FIFA World Cup in Russia right now the good players are standing out and the ones wearing the thin elastic headbands are standing out even more. It may be grown out or over grown, soaked full of sweat or it just a cool fashion statement, but football players just look better wearing headbands.

So who started the trend? Some say it was David Beckham, others  say it was Sergio Ramos or was it Ronaldinho?It doesn’t matter who  started the trend as it doesn’t look like it’s going away, unlike the 80s aerobics class glam headband.

Some players are making the headband a fashion accessory .Israel’s Lior Refaelov matched his headband with his jersey stripes. Antoine Griezmann  caused a stampede on sales when he wore a red headband ,while Zlatan Ibrahimović the powerhouse forward has a taste in fashion that is more light, preferring a pale blue incarnation to an otherwise bold hair statement. We cannot forgot and how could we after his first few games already with four goals .... Cristiano Ronaldo! He wears the most popular type on the market , the thin black elastic version worn by thousands of aspiring footballers worldwide.



thin elastic headband