Black Running Terry Towelling Sweatband

by Grand Headbands


This black running terry towelling sweatband was developed and designed by a runner, for runners. The inspiration was the impractical struggle of how difficult it was to find something that looked good and was wide enough to fit over your ears and thick enough that stopped sweat from running into eyes. 

Not only does it soak up the sweat, but it also keeps your ear pods, headphones and ear plugs securely in place, so there is no way they can fall out! 

While we didn’t want to just create a headband just for runners it had to have a wider market as we didn’t want to waste all that research for nothing .The obvious look was it could also be used for basketball as its wide, thick and made out of terry toweling,it doesn’t get more basketball that! The ultimate black sports headband…

Some people have called it “The super soaker of running headbands” to help soak up sweat, it’s just like drying yourself with a towel but it fits nicely on your head. 

While many prototypes were made this was the one that went into production. Made from quality high grade soft thick terry towellng it’s a lot thicker, wider than most headbands and nothing like the cheap nasty ones on the market .This makes it the crowd favourite. “The best running headband in the market”  

We also have available a RED BASKETBALL TERRY TOWELLING HEADBAND and a yellow and pale blue thick luxury English terry toweling headband with elastic. 

If you want something else still in black but lighter and wider, we have the Sports Headband which is the all-rounder and can be used for everything from football to yoga. It still soaks up the sweat, covers your ears and keeps your hair in place. If the choice is difficult the easiest thing to do is buy both and try them for yourself and others!! 

You can wash them in the regular washing with everything else. It is suggested you don’t put then in the dryer as they can become fluffy and wear out faster. 


Free delivery within Australia and $12 USD for Overseas


Free delivery within Australia and $12 USD for overseas orders


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